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The founding member and researcher Mr. Ariovaldo Ferreira Nunes was born in Campinas, SP in 1959. Among the courses of his training is a chemistry  bachelor's degree, technical drawing and industrial mechanics.

Mr. Ariovaldo has worked in the paint sector for 40 years and has been applying all his knowledge in the development of several projects. Some of them are:


  • Technical development of a universal dye line for a rapid production system in production line.                       Creator of the first system of rapid dyeing in an anticorrosive paint plant in Brazil.
  • Development of new generation of epoxy hardeners for offshore oil platforms.
  • Introduction in the Brazilian market of the first lines of high performance system of dual function paint.
  • Creator of the first tank cleaning system for anti-corrosion paints with zero residue;
  • Development of the fast cure drying system for metal structures industry.
  • Development of flooding application system for transformer line.
  • Study of the behavior of several hardeners with different stoichiometry for tank line systems.
  • Development of the paint system for tanks of sugar and alcohol, with reports of analysis from external         laboratories, where the company is leader in the Brazilian market.
  • Development of heavy metal-free systems for the maintenance market of the automobile industry.
  • Study of the cure of products for curing at low temperatures.
  • Development of ecological lines for industrial maintenance, Solvent Free, water-based polyurethanes           for industrial kitchens. Solvent-free epoxy paint and epoxy paint with water for confined areas and for           the food market.
  • Development of the first hospital line in Brazil for the painting of surgical centers and other areas of             the hospital according to European standards. Aiming to reduce hospital contamination.
  • Development of paint for drinking water tanks for breweries, bottled waters.
  • Development of coating for drinking water steel box and for water treatment plant.
  • Development of epoxy paints to avoid deposition of golden mussels.
  • Search for new technologies for solvent-free anticorrosion paints.
  • Development of the self-leveling paint system for industrial floors, car dealerships, aircraft parking               and garages.